Gunotsav , An External evaluator’s View


As is directed by the Hon’rable Eduacation Minister of Assam , Gunotsav has been conducted as a part of Assam Sarba Siksha Mission since 2o16. The plan and programme of Gunotsav includes sincere and hard work of a huge body of employees at different levels. The external evaluator is trained up for two days and is employed to assess three different schools in three days. The purpose is to bring into focus the prevalent conditions of the schools so that further steps can be taken to improve the quality of education from elementary level .

Based on two years' experience of performing duties as an external evaluator , I would like to trace out some factors that have been noticed during the hours of evaluation

To sum up , Gunotsav will not be successful if schools are not given sufficient facilities necessary to create an environment for education. Again , time to time investigation and inspection is required to find out the real picture of the schools.

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