First steps of Life

first steps of life

This world counts so many steps

This world assures so many flights and retreats

This world sees so many times rise and fall

But a child’s first steps are priceless 

A small child standing and falling 

Again and again

Then standing up ,

Stepping back and forward

And forward

In complete ignorance 

Of the way ahead

Though not remembers 

In grown up age

Though not evoke big waves

Though not traced in future accolades

Those first steps are priceless 

……….. Now a days , my two years old is

Champion of his sister’s heart

Will remain so forever

That is very special…


Yes, we always need people 

Near and dear ones

Who care and nourish

Who cherish moments 

So festive and proud…

When we stand on our own feet

Keep pace with rest of the world

Even when fail in all walks

Embrace us in same warmth

Still rejoice  at the union

Because we used to be ‘ champions’ at one time 

Of their unconditional hearts !

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