Hima Das ,The Fastest Express( A terrific beauty is born)

Hima das

Hima Das, popularly known the Dhing Express, is the cynosure of all Assamese people now. The 18 years old tiny sprinter belongs to a remote village of Naogaon , Assam. She broke Manjit Kaur’s national athlete record of 51.05 in 400 metre race . She begged two silver medals and one gold for India in the woman’s 400 meter race at the Asian games in Jakarta ( Indonesia ) , 2018. Again she is the second Indian racer after Milkha Singh to snatch an individual medal at international track . She is the first Assamese woman, the first woman athlete from North East India and the first woman athlete to win a track gold at the IFFF World U20 championship.

Till 2016, Hima Das dreamt of football only as her father was a footballer. Her eyes opened to a new possibility only when a teacher told her that she was the best runner he had ever seen. That was turning point in her career as a player. At first she used to run on the same muddy field in which she practised football earlier and in the starting, without a coach.

Hima’s tremendoes success, thus, extends from a village playground to international track. There is a hard struggle behind her today’s position. She helped in her father’s work and gahered firewoods at her leisure time. She woke up daily at 5 a.m. , practised for six hours and swimed three times to keep herself physically active and strong. Her coach saw in her determination a great future. She doesn’t fear and doesn’t take mental stress. That is her positive side.

Hima is the pathfinder for all village youths of Assam. Comfort and luxuries are not always the main factors for boosting the spirit, guiding it towards a right direction and uplifting career. The world is not always run by money only. Nor by an ambition to win a gold. Hima herself says she doesn’t run after gold but she runs after time. Sports is in her blood. It is obvious.

Any kind of success is motivational. People generally admire and follow successful persons. To be successful, it requires to find out a person’s hidden possibilities or talent. It is said to bring out 1% of talent, one has to do 99% sincere work . Success is not always oneday’s effort. Sometimes it takes months and years. Sometimes a successful life starts with lots of failures. We can learn lessons from Einstein, Dr A. P. J. Abul Kalam and other such noble personalities here in this respect. Dr Abul Kalam’s driver too sets an example for us. He at first failed in H.S.L.C exam. But Dr Kalam advised him to continue his study and he has become a professor from driver. For success, it needs to believe in the goal and the way to achieve it. It needs patience , skill , dedication and commitment .

Hima Das is now showered with praises . The noted singer, heartthrob of Assamese youths , Jubin Garg went to Jakarta to boost her mentally. She is fortunate ! But it is said that to achieve a high position is hard , harder is to stay on the same position. Hima’s race is just started . She has to run a long long way.

Hima would be benefitted by what the first Assamese gold medalist in Asian Games, Bhogeswar Barua, the ULFA captain Paresh Barua and the senior Assamese intellectuals

have said to her fans. Yes, Hima shouldn’t be overweighed with too much felicitations and appreciations. It is not necessary to erect her statue too. Let her not stop like a statue . She must be freed from all pressures. The govt is expected to provide her the best training so that she can aspire for being the fastest runner ever in world competitions.

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