My Love

Unwearied wait
Endless love
I find you
And did’t find
Love is right anyway
Needn’t knock
Needn’t fear
A crave to be
In warmth of
Your arms
Makes me weird
You might hear 
Sound of galloping
Crazy love beats fast
In my heart , 
You might hear
Beethoven’s symphony
Your name 
My soul murmurs,
I am a traveler 
Of so many
Desperate deserts
My angel bird,
Shadowing the sun
In your wings , 
You come ,
I feel green,
Time runs out of time
I forget my clock
That offers me 
So many deaths
In its regulations,
Unwearied wait
Endless love
Fluttering cloud
Add romance
To my detached eyes
My bird 
Of makhmali feathers,
You come,
My subconscince
gather moss,
I feel green
In your love .


My Love

A Poem about the meaning of love
Composed By – Gitima Deka
Recited By –  Moninder Singh

Produced By – arTMachine Studio

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