Poetry Bears Light

Poetry bears Light

My ancestral  culture
My paternal  thought
My vanity as a woman who stands 
Equal to man in patriarchy
My glory for a man 
Who dares speak 
To a sheath ,
My self esteem 
My individuality
My emotions my feelings
My sadness my beauty
My neolithic approaches
Compliant to poetry
Sadness says
I rise from depth of ocean
Don’t search for me in waves
Reality says
I am a bird with broken wings”….
I am a man with lost desires
I am a woman with distracted hopes
I am a child with paralyzed childhood
I am anarchy , nightmares of war , 
I am slumdog ; earth” s surface,
Garbage are restored here 
To fertile million dollar dreams..
I am life , extinct in evolution of 
Religious mirage…
I am mirror of crores..
Poetry says , my enchanted other being
Submerges in life” s vicissitudes..
Poetry reveals
Like a bride 
Unveils herself
Poetry bears light
Poetry appeals .

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