Terrorism, a Part of Politics

Terrorism has a long sustaining history right from the beginning of human civilisation , throwing humanity into deathbed . We know , even the energy of the sun whom we worship as God , will come to an end and the life source of this green Planet  will   also collapse . The concept of ‘Doomsday’ in Christianity or ‘Koliyug’ is  not  a  vague  one . Scientists  have  also  declared the ultimate lifespan of the sun(supposed to last 5 million more years) . But the question arises here,” Why should we die many times before our final death ?”Behind all glories of  Civilisation, there are countless stories of nobility,intelligence ,  inquisitiveness , sacrifices and bravery . There are lots of silent devotees contributing to the same tremendous  flow of humanity . Terrorism is an epidemic that infects that flow and  invites neuroactive famine enveloping all facets of society .

Terrorism is an epidemic

A dozen  of factors are to be grasped while analysing different roots of terrorism -poverty, illiteracy , racism , religious fundamentalism , unemployment, immigration, war etc . Behind all these factors the question of survival and a psychological disorder feeded by depression can be traced as playing vital role in conducting terrorists’ activities . 

The beginning of terrorism can be traced back to 1st century , A.D.  It was, however, being associated with anarchism and anti-govmernmental organisations from the middle of the 19th century. Terror havocs from both sides – anti-legal  terrorism and state-terror . Execution of Sati Jaymoti during the era of Ahom Dynasty is one of the best examples of how terror is practsed under law .  Turning over the pages of history , we find vivid examples of infamous tyrants such as Caligula (Roman Empire), Genghis Khan ( Mughal Empire) , Henry Vlll ( England), Ivan lV ( Tsar of all Russia ) , Maximilian Robespierre ( France ) , Joseph Stalin ( Soviet Union ) , Adolf Hitler ( Germany ) , Queen Mary ( England) etc. Israil and US is always accused by critics of propagating terrorism . Pakistan is often criticised by US, Afganistan and India as assisting terrorists’ organisations . What Saudi Arabia has been doing in Yamen, bloodbath of syria and Afganistan are no less important evidences .  Neighbourhood’s enmity plays vital role in cross- border terrorism . India’s insurgency groups like ULFA, NDFB find shelter in Bangladesh, Pakistan , Myanmar and China.

Terrorism in modern era has some very sensational sketches such as 9/11 Al qaida attack on white hiuse, 2008 Mumbai attack, ISIS attack in Holey Artisan Bakary, Dhaka, attack of ISIS in srteet of Paris(2016) etc . 

The recent happenings in Myanmar with Rahinga Muslims has evoked mixed reaction around the globe . No doubt, the Rahingans are treated brutally beyond description. Now the fact is that for today’s situation , Myanmar government is not wholly responsibke . The continuous terririst activities of Rahingan Muslims and their demanding of Muslim State in Myanmar , which is basically a Buddhists’ country , is also vital factor instigating such horrible situations.

Many times terrorism appears to be a part of politics . While some people ‘s activities are a threat to a country, that is not a problem with another country. The problem lies here .But  an anti-terrorist organization having representatives from all countries is today’s utmost need because it is an international hazard . It is not enough to tackle the problem with arm forces .The psychology behind terrorism is a must study to extirpate  the disease totally . 

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