Unemployment, a Hamartia..

Imagine a world where all grown up people are well educated and engaged in some jobs befitting to their individual outfit. But when we have a glimpse of the present scenario , its just an imagination not to be practical in near future. According to an estimation of Internatonal Labour Organization, by the end of 2017, more than 3millions jobless people would live on this earth. Now lets assess how many  problems this single problem will breed. A person having two hands , two feet and a brain to be alert of his social disposition , if no work is to do, may take any means to kill empty time . This is were the problem lies. People by nature has a tendency to live a civilised  life. For that we need money and effort.  Unemployment leads people to face financial crisis and miserable life. As we know, hungry stomach knows no law and morality. This paves the way for anarchism.

The causes of unemployment are distiguished as frictional, structural, classic or real wage unemployment, and demand deficient or cyclical unemployment. Encompassing all these four divisions ,

we may shortlist the following features that feed unemployment.

  1. Increasing of population , overburdening the society 
  2. Lack of skill-based education needed for particular jobs.
  3.  Day by day enlarging the range of educated people demanding jobs but government cant create sufficient number of jobs to fulfill the demand.
  4. Due to economic downfall in a company or a farm, some employees are out-listed from such a company or a farm.
  5. Dissatisfied or ambitious employees leaving their jobs  create temporary unemployment until they find out other jobs up-to their capabilities and demands
  6. To keep the balance between input and output in labour market 
  7. In a labour market, when the amount of labour is supplied more than it is demanded, unnecessary wages would be declined causing unemployment.
  8. Introducing labour saving technology and machinery in companies create unemployment problem.
  9. In Agriculture , there are occasional unemployment problem, due to lack of scientific method of production and natural hazards.

Unemployment can be aptly called  ‘hamartia’ of abled persons . They somehow lose the connection with the busy way of life and living , options to show their competency in a fast moving world and face moneytary hazards as is stated earlier. This definitely drives them to mental disorder like depressions and generates a serious condition opted for losing faith in the existing social  and constitutional order. The solution of unemployment is needful to maintain social descipline and healthy atmosphere for citizenship.


Unemployment, a Hamartia..
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