Comparison helps us to know things better. We live in a world in which every human affair is compared and competed with another and only then it is valued properly. Our social, cultural and national identities influence every step of our life, yet, we need to grow beyond these boundaries. Literature itself is a subject that can’t be studied in isolation . Literature is a study of life in parts and as a whole. It relates itself with other disciplines like history, philosophy, sociology etc. Para literature includes science in literature.
‘’It is only by way of comparison that we know the truth precisely. All knowledge which is not obtained through the simple and pure intuition of an isolated thing is obtained by the comparison of two or more things among themselves. And almost all the works of human reason consists without doubt in making the operation successful.’’ Rene Decartes

The study of comparative literature was originated in France in 19th century. It is an important branch of literary study that helps exploring life and culture in a vast scope. Comparative literature is essentially interdisciplinary as it is a comparison between a literary text and another that may be literary or from different sphere of study.
Translation plays an important role in comparative literature. Translation is the key to unlock the door between two languages, two cultures, two communities and two nations. The prime purpose of translation is to communicate meaning from one language to another. Language is a part of culture. So, translation and culture are inevitably related. Meanings in both source and target language are profoundly affected by their cultural contexts.

‘’…translation plays a great role in comparative literature. We can even say that comparative study of literatures from different languages, cultures and socio-cultural backgrounds is not possible. So, translation occupies a special place in comparative literature . In this age of globalization comparative literatures a subject is getting more and more popularity. But there is no one who is perfect in all languages. So, translation has played a very important role to understand the literature & culture of different languages without which we cannot do a comparative study of various literary works written in different languages. So, Comparative literature is a tree with translation as its most important branch.’’( Surjeet Singh Warwal in his Role of Translation in Comparative Literature ).

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