All Women Are Not Born to Serve Men Only


The title apparently seems farcical in a society where majority of people have not changed their mindset from the remote past to this postmodern age . It is also true that women are generally happy serving the family with good and yummy food and particularly taking care of her husband and kids. Her closeness with other members of her husband’s family also many a time depends on her understanding with the man she marries literally. This understanding is very important in a life-time bond than any other factors including the economic condition. Lack of understanding may lead to lack of love and affection.

A woman always loves to cook for the family. But for that her status in the family shouldn’t be underestimated that is what usually happens. And when it happens, a few women are there who would not take it easy. In our society, still there are some families where if a job-holder woman comes home from her working place, no one would offer her a cup of tea. If there is a maid servant , that is another matter. It is necessary to analyse the envious nature of a mother-in-law . Doesn’t she want a peaceful married life of her son? Or sometimes just the opposite happens. The daughter-in-law becomes the reason of all damage in the family. What is reason behind this deterioration in woman’s character? It is possible that stress and depression of a woman’s own life makes her harmful to others.

Whether in Greek or Indian mythology, we find multiple goddesses . Earth is also called Mother Earth. This goddess or mother image elevates a woman from ordinary to the extra-ordinary. At the same time, women are raped, and killed for dowries. It seems no law can bring an end to this shameful and panicking reality .

Nutritional issue is another threat to a common woman. After giving birth to children, women needs extra care of her health that should not be ignored . It is not because of ageing but due to lack of proper care, women lose both physical health and beauty and it is not very rare that she starts losing proper attention from her husband . In different parts of the world, husbands are allowed to marry again in presence of the first wife. In Indian history we find that kings easily married again though they had first wives. According to religious law, man can marry two ,three , four times if they wish and are able to treat all wives equally. In some African societies, the first wife brings new wife for her husband to help in economic growth. In our North east India, some communities in Arunachal Pradesh are in practice of polygamy of men and it is not a crime for them. Recently some NGO s are demanding to end this practice with ‘one man , one wife’ policy.

Child-marriage in South Asia is a major problem. Again millions of females die before they come to earth due to feticide in India itself.

To create awareness from grassroot level , education is the only way. Education can also free the mind from stereotypes that are prevalent in the society . Education starts from home. Educated mothers can bring formidable changes to the society by giving their children proper growth.

Education can make women self- dependant and only then they can retort appropriately to social incivility done to them. Women can nourish their family and serve the society at large . For that, their identity shouldn’t be disrupted. They need education first and then a platform beyond household confinements to expose their talents. It is not totally acceptable that women folk are destined to spend their prime time in kitchen and in decorating the house and forget their individual identity . However, in every sector of life , women have shown their abilities. But that is not the measure of the condition of common women in our society . Society has a traditional way of thinking and living that has an impact on every ordinary life. To get rid of social injustice , every female should be educated ; here education doesn’t mean acquiring an academic certificate but being acquainted with the problems and prospects of life and being capable of better adjustment.

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