Independence is correlative whether it is of an individual , a community or a state. We are living in an age of global culture and economy . So far as this interconnection between multiple countries or different quarters of the world is a part of the growth of civilisation , the concept of total ‘Independence’ is an illusion. The prime factor is the welfare of a people of a particular territory , competing with a comparatively advanced world, and ‘cultural significance’ of that people in a broad multicultural society .The ULFA Chief Paresh Barua ‘s demand for the sovereignty of Assam has involved him and his followers in decades of struggle that is full of bloodshed and violence and has taken away many innocents’ lives. Thus, ULFA’s journey is a tragic one with full of risks, suspense and climax.
But as is indicated above, the prime factor should be the welfare of the Assamese people. So, if any of Paresh Barua’s genuine demand for the people is fulfilled without not indulging in violence but with a peaceful discussion with the elected Chief minister of Assam, HBS, what is our problem?
In a nutshell , familiar for us are secret killings, grenade blast , kidnapping , verbal hitting amongst the leaders who have political rivalries , corruption at all levels of the system and it is so much that we don’t see any good beyond it.

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