We have many specific days in a year like International Labour Day, World Health Day, International Women’s Day , International Mother’s Day, World Environment Day etc. Observing these days indicates that we don’t take some important issues into our primary concerns. So, these days are identified in name of these issues . We need a healthy environment in each of the 365 days of the year. But we require one specific day to remind us of that. Environment is our surrounding . From the day we take birth on earth, we are in direct touch with our environment. In another word, we are the offsprings of our environment. We survive means the environment is in consonance with us. But sometimes , environment is hostile to us also. Nature has its life cycle that it controls in its own way. Nature’s hostility is to save natural environment of which we, human beings, are not essential part. If we don’t exist, nature will survive . But if nature doesn’t exist, we will not survive . If human beings are the result of natural evolution, another evolution may take place in which we will extict.
Needless to say, we are contributing to make our annihilation faster. We have created noise while nature is well tuned with its own music. All the three spheres of living beings – earth, water and air are polluted by human activities. The soil of the earth is gradually losing fertility. The global fishery has become unfit for the living of water plants and animals. The air is carrying deadly virus. On one hand, icebergs are melting, on the other hand , global temperature is increasing. Green patches are reducing due to deforestation . Greenhouse affect and plastic remnants have worsened the situation beyond the possibility of restoration . Modern life packed with flowers grown in plastic tubs and glass aquariums can’t prevent this disaster. But though it is late, we have to try our best and have to go beyond the confinements to save our future. There is no alternative to nature.
Beside the natural phenomena, environment also connotes social environment . Humans are social beings. Society controls our behaviour, teaches us culture and self respect. But the days we celebrate as Women’s day, Mother’s day , Labour day are the days to highlight on the human values that somehow we have taken for granted. So , the issues and problems arise , violence and crimes take place. If there is no peace in the society , individuals can’t live healthy life. While nature gives us physical health, society feeds our mental health. So , it is necessary to take care of both nature and society for our survival and safety.

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