More or less we all become stagnant by unexpected news everyday. Racism, casteism , rape, mob lynching, attack on doctors, doctors’ misbehaviour to patients, DSP’s alleged link with drug maphia, drug dealings, accidents due to horrific bike stunt of youths and a lot more cases are there . As soon as our children learn to read newspapers or watch news on T.V. , internet, they psychologically confront a very complex world . Another threat to mental peace of children is too much competition in every step of their life. Their childhood joy is killed by this competitive world. Considering such situations, for parents too, it is a big challenge to make them fit for a bright future.
A change to eradicate social menace from our mentality has become essential for us. This change means changing the society itself from the basic level.
During this lockdown time, we haven’t heard of young boys’ untimely death due to bike stunt but Covid has created an unpackable vacuum in us. When science and technology has reached a commendable success declaring superiority of mankind over the biological world and beyond, Covid has shaken the human spirit again with a strange horror and unhcertainty. How many invisible enemies in this universe are waiting to question our very existence , that is unpredictable . Two mistakes we consciously commit. First, a blind faith in God is like expecting a good result in examminations without studying well but praying Him before the exam starts. Secondly, contrary to the first one, scientific discoveries and inventions have convinced a section of our rational community that we can replace God oneday by the capacity of our intelligence . But there is a midway too . That is to accept the human limit and the presence of a cosmic life circle that is not dependant on human existence and not submissive to human power, and our main duty in this temporary life is to work and to live in harmony with that vast and greater life cirle.
However , there is no end to human curiosity , no alternative to human intelligence that make us unique among all living beings . Dreaming of a renaissance in the post modern world is not a fantasy . But
it would be an inexplicably intricate process in comparison to the rebirth that took place in Italy during the 14th and 17th century spreading its fervent wings to the whole Europe in 16th and 17th centuries , because we are living in a world that is centuries ahead from that time.

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