When a man is a public figure, the camera captures the woman behind him. A woman is called her man’s counterpart . We Indian call her ‘ardhangini’ .There is no synonymous word for man. As social researchers say man is not regarded by the society as his woman’s counterpart . Our phallocentric society imposes a man’s culture on his woman. But a woman is also an individual and has her own choice. Wearing a bindi or shindur mayn’t be the choice of an educated Hindu woman( though it must be said, the bright red bindi of vermilion has its own meaning also). Even now a days many Hindu women don’t wear bindi. On the contrary, some Hindu women wear red bindi after having been widowed( reputed writer late Indira Goswami is still a fresh memory in this case) . Culture changes with time and circumstances. The social pretexts like believing that it is a woman’s responsibility to save culture should be abolished from our mindset .

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