Again after one year we are celebrating teacher’s day. From the last teacher’s day till today, time has passed so fast. We even didn’t have time to stop for anything else but only listened to the call of duties and responsibilities. So, teacher’s day is a day to realise how much we have done either as teachers or as students.

Students are the souls of an academic institution. Teachers feed those souls with knowledge and wisdom. Without students, teacher’s will be of no value. However, the conception of teacher has changed. In ancient time there were gurus and sichyas. Guru Drona asked for the thumb of Eklavya as guru-dakshina. It was an injustice done to a student by a teacher. But Eklavya obeyed what his guru said. Gurus remained in the highest place in people’s mind during that time. In Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s time, teacher’s were regarded as nation builders by building the character and career of future generations.

Today technology has replaced a lot of affairs in our life . Technology has a big role in our education. Students learn not only from teachers but they gather knowledge from Internet. In future, it may be that robots will impart knowledge in classrooms. Then a robot will be a teacher. But the fact is that we can never stop being students. Life itself is a big platform for learning. And in life there is always the need of having a teacher.

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