Theory , Meaning and Definition of Poetry

Theory , Meaning and Definition of Poetry T. S. Eliot , known as the most important critic of the 20th century English literature doesn’t give a concrete theory of poetry. For him , poetry is not a subject that can be defined scientifically . Poetry is something beyond intellect. Its concept is abstract. William Wordsworth […]

Never Stop Being A Student(written on 5thSept,22)

Again after one year we are celebrating teacher’s day. From the last teacher’s day till today, time has passed so fast. We even didn’t have time to stop for anything else but only listened to the call of duties and responsibilities. So, teacher’s day is a day to realise how much we have done either […]

Birth control, looking for a change

Birth control can bring a sea change to our country…a necessary step to tackle many other paracital issues like poverty , unemployment and insurgency…It is a good sign that people have understood now. A proper change can’t be imposed , it must come from our realization.Not only that. For increasing resilience and sustainable growth , […]


When a man is a public figure, the camera captures the woman behind him. A woman is called her man’s counterpart . We Indian call her ‘ardhangini’ .There is no synonymous word for man. As social researchers say man is not regarded by the society as his woman’s counterpart . Our phallocentric society imposes a […]

Our Environment

We have many specific days in a year like International Labour Day, World Health Day, International Women’s Day , International Mother’s Day, World Environment Day etc. Observing these days indicates that we don’t take some important issues into our primary concerns. So, these days are identified in name of these issues . We need a […]

A Picture of the contemporary time

More or less we all become stagnant by unexpected news everyday. Racism, casteism , rape, mob lynching, attack on doctors, doctors’ misbehaviour to patients, DSP’s alleged link with drug maphia, drug dealings, accidents due to horrific bike stunt of youths and a lot more cases are there . As soon as our children learn to […]

Independence etc.

Independence is correlative whether it is of an individual , a community or a state. We are living in an age of global culture and economy . So far as this interconnection between multiple countries or different quarters of the world is a part of the growth of civilisation , the concept of total ‘Independence’ […]

A million dollar speech

A million dollar speech Meghan Markle, duchess of Sussex, spouse of Duke Prince Harry and a former actress delivered a speech at the UN. In her speech, she spoke about an incident that happened at her very young age. She was an 11years old girl and was watching a T V show in elementary school. […]

All Women Are Not Born to Serve Men Only

All Women Are Not Born to Serve Men Only The title apparently seems farcical in a society where majority of people have not changed their mindset from the remote past to this postmodern age . It is also true that women are generally happy serving the family with good and yummy food and particularly taking […]


HELEN IN HOMER’S ILIAD ABSTRACT: This paper highlights on the character of Helen in Homer’s Iliad. Helen is generally described as the epitome of beauty. It is very pertinent to analyse the character of Helen from various perspectives. The research design adopted here is analytical. Primary and secondary data collection method is used. Key Words: […]



TRAGEDY, HEROISM AND ETHICS IN THE CHARACTER OF SITA Abstract: The proposed study explores basically three aspects in the character of Sita in Valmiki’s Ramayana-tragedy, heroism and ethics . The text reflects on Sita not from a traditional viewpoint but it is a modern interpretation of her character which is the epitome of virtues, at […]


COMPARATIVE STUDY AND TRANSLATION Comparison helps us to know things better. We live in a world in which every human affair is compared and competed with another and only then it is valued properly. Our social, cultural and national identities influence every step of our life, yet, we need to grow beyond these boundaries. Literature […]

Problems and Prospects of Developing Human Resources in North-East India Focusing on Rural Region

The Eastern most region, North-East India is the bottle-neck of the country comprising eight states: Assam, Meghalaya,Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim. The North-East India has got the most colourful demographic variety based on different cultures, communities, religion and an overall impact of modernization on its population. The same time, there is rich natural […]

The River

the river

The River Recitation The River A Poem about the beauty of riverComposed By – Gitima DekaRecited By –  Dr. Syed Faiz Zaidi Produced By – arTMachine Studio The River A Poem about the beauty of the RiverComposed By – Gitima DekaRecited By –  Moninder Singh Produced By – arTMachine Studio

Nature Meditation

nature meditation

Nature Meditation Nature Meditation A Poem about the beauty of NatureComposed By – Gitima DekaRecited By –  Scott Thomas Outlar Produced By – arTMachine Studio Nature fills my blood with substanceStirs me in its abundanceMy innate chant finds divinity in NatureOften listen to its mysterious silenceHowls and roarsAs if a language so ferventAs if flute of […]

My Love

My Love

My Love Recitation My Love A Poem about the meaning of loveComposed By – Gitima DekaRecited By –  Moninder Singh Produced By – arTMachine Studio

Paint of Autumn

Paint of Autumn Whitelit nights White gems of dews Garlanding jasmines And grassleaves White clouds That claim no suspense  And toil Lovely breeze that sustains Like Earth’s breath of comfort After summer’s turmoils Autumn paints White-capped peace .  



বাঁহী কাৰ দুওঁঠ , লিহিৰি  আঁঙুলিৰ  ফাঁকেৰে  বৈ যায় নিৰ্জনতাৰ মসৃণ নদী আৰ্দ্ৰ হৈ উঠে মাজনিশা   জঠৰতা ভাঙি সোধাতো নাযায় কোন সেই সুৰকাৰ  মই জানো  শুকান পাতৰো থাকে ৰূঁপকথাৰ বাঁহী “এই নদীৰ সিপাৰে কোনো নদী নাই “, তয়েই মোক ক’লি ,বাঁহী , তইহে মোৰ কলিজাত শিপালি ।

First steps of Life

First steps of Life This world counts so many steps Assures so many flights and retreats Sees so many times rise and fall But a child’s first steps are priceless  A small child standing and falling  Again and again Then standing up , Stepping back and forward And forward In complete ignorance  Of the way […]

From the Comfort Zone

Contact From the Comfort Zone Untill the river water changes its color, we don’t know that the civilization bleeds . But how many wounds and burns it carries in its chest, who knows ? When millions and millions die of famine and epidemics,  we seem to be more concerned about religious   and  racial  identities […]


Loneliness Spiderwork of my brainParadox of Crowded situationsUnquestionable questionLoyalty of Loneliness is The fact isMy loneliness never leaves me  Alone !

Her Ten Month’s Old

Her Ten Months Old She nods,  Nods And nods Can’t sleep He is awake Plays new tricks She can’t sleep Mother’s milk  Is not enough He grows so fast.. Her ten months’ old Keeps her awake  Till midnight She forgets all lazy moments As he plays new tricks Everyday She follows new routine Of his […]

Eve of Midnight

Hour Of The Moon

EVE OF MIDNIGHT Midnight bell rings Silently passes night Hearts in commotion All are fallen angels All are free angels Its only Eve In search of heaven on earth.

Terrorism, a Part of Politics

Terrorism, a Part of Politics Terrorism has a long sustaining history right from the beginning of human civilisation , throwing humanity into deathbed . We know , even the energy of the sun whom we worship as God , will come to an end and the life source of this green Planet  will   also […]


wink of a star

Wink of a star My sight unfolds itself To the wink Of a tiny star The way it looks at me Is a poem The way it vanishes Is a lure A poem A lure Dusk infers in million stars .

Unemployment, a Hamartia..

Unemployment, a Hamartia.. Imagine a world where all grown up people are well educated and engaged in some jobs befitting to their individual outfit. But when we have a glimpse of the present scenario , its just an imagination not to be practical in near future. According to an estimation of Internatonal Labour Organization, by […]

Are You Still Jamming to Music ?

Are You Still Jamming to Music ? Are you still jammingTo music,My music lover? Every dawn opens Its apertureTo a sacred nascenceThe primitive sun Rises anew,My music lover Most people lie that They quest for changes,,,But wear age old torn pieces Inside new attires,My music lover Happiness of familiar buds Cluster afresh Would make a differenceListen to the morning […]

Poetry Bears Light

Poetry Bears Light My ancestral  cultureMy paternal  thoughtMy vanity as a woman who stands Equal to man in patriarchyMy glory for a man Who dares speak To a sheath ,My self esteem My individualityMy emotions my feelingsMy sadness my beautyMy neolithic approachesCompliant to poetrySadness saysI rise from depth of oceanDon’t search for me in wavesReality saysI am a bird […]

Hour of The Moon


Hour of The Moon An unseen wind blows An unseen wind touches so tenderly An unseen wind is so inviting An unseen wind makes the cloud falter and move slowly Time emerges again  As the crescent moon growing full….

Antiwar Poet

Antiwar Poet Chirping sounds like bugle“Feelings” at warYou just need a penFull of inkInk of passionPassion for warSomewhereMeltingIce of Red rivers,SomewhereBurningEarthly flesh,Anti war poetYour endurance isCheckedIt is rose that changesFrom pink to red in romanceIt is only you who face the cannon with wordsAnti war poetYour endurance Is checked with neighborhood’s insurgencyRiverside walk is neededSearching […]

Ensure , Oh, Love

Ensure , Oh, Love Love, assign your cherity To empty floors Ensure your presence when all smiles and tears gone Let’s feel your intensity even in absence !

Hima Das ,the Fastest Express( A terrific beauty is born)


Hima Das ,The Fastest Express( A terrific beauty is born) Hima Das, popularly known the Dhing Express, is the cynosure of all Assamese people now. The 18 years old tiny sprinter belongs to a remote village of Naogaon , Assam. She broke Manjit Kaur’s national athlete record of 51.05 in 400 metre race . She […]


BOND I have a bond with my bed and chairEmpty and alone without meI have a bond with my bathroom wallsHave seen better my sighs ,I have a bond with my pen and paper,Bookselves and calender brooding over my silence, “Silence is an wolf Wolves down all worries” I have a bond with my cup […]

Durga Puja :A Social Interpretation

Durga Puja : A Social Interpretation Durga celebrated in October is not only a religious festival but also a relexation of 4 days from loathsome, busy practicality and an opportunity to spend time and have fun with our near and dear ones . As Hinduism is the religion of the majority Indians , this festival […]

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Her lips wore no rosy laceEyes played no tricksThe merchant wished happiness For the mother of his son,The artist drew the portrait A mad lover dug a grave in vain Smiles and tears meant for burial Not  love An enigma disseminated from her sight Efflorescence was in her bosom A perpetual ecstasy was born  Fascinating […]