wink of a star

Wink of a star My sight unfolds itself To the wink Of a tiny star The way it looks at me Is a poem The way it vanishes Is a lure A poem A lure Dusk infers in million stars .

Poetry Bears Light

Poetry Bears Light My ancestral  cultureMy paternal  thoughtMy vanity as a woman who stands Equal to man in patriarchyMy glory for a man Who dares speak To a sheath ,My self esteem My individualityMy emotions my feelingsMy sadness my beautyMy neolithic approachesCompliant to poetrySadness saysI rise from depth of oceanDon’t search for me in wavesReality saysI am a bird […]

Antiwar Poet

Antiwar Poet Chirping sounds like bugle“Feelings” at warYou just need a penFull of inkInk of passionPassion for warSomewhereMeltingIce of Red rivers,SomewhereBurningEarthly flesh,Anti war poetYour endurance isCheckedIt is rose that changesFrom pink to red in romanceIt is only you who face the cannon with wordsAnti war poetYour endurance Is checked with neighborhood’s insurgencyRiverside walk is neededSearching […]

Ensure , Oh, Love

Ensure , Oh, Love Love, assign your cherity To empty floors Ensure your presence when all smiles and tears gone Let’s feel your intensity even in absence !