Are You Still Jamming to Music ?

Are You Still Jamming to Music ? Are you still jammingTo music,My music lover? Every dawn opens Its apertureTo a sacred nascenceThe primitive sun Rises anew,My music lover Most people lie that They quest for changes,,,But wear age old torn pieces Inside new attires,My music lover Happiness of familiar buds Cluster afresh Would make a differenceListen to the morning […]

Poetry Bears Light

Poetry Bears Light My ancestral  cultureMy paternal  thoughtMy vanity as a woman who stands Equal to man in patriarchyMy glory for a man Who dares speak To a sheath ,My self esteem My individualityMy emotions my feelingsMy sadness my beautyMy neolithic approachesCompliant to poetrySadness saysI rise from depth of oceanDon’t search for me in wavesReality saysI am a bird […]

Ensure , Oh, Love

Ensure , Oh, Love Love, assign your cherity To empty floors Ensure your presence when all smiles and tears gone Let’s feel your intensity even in absence !


BOND I have a bond with my bed and chairEmpty and alone without meI have a bond with my bathroom wallsHave seen better my sighs ,I have a bond with my pen and paper,Bookselves and calender brooding over my silence, “Silence is an wolf Wolves down all worries” I have a bond with my cup […]